Android and the IntegraMouse: Easy Scroll

Scrolling with mouse devices on current Android systems can cause problems because there is no scroll bar displayed for navigation.

The following tip can help:
The app Easy Scroll (Google Play Store) enables scrolling by displaying buttons at the edge of the screen. Additional functions make navigation much easier.

This video briefly explains the most important functions:


  •     Easy to use
  •     Free of charge from the Play Store: Search term "Einfaches Scrollen" / "Easy Scroll".


Download the app here:

Activate scroll function
In the app, click on "Show at start" and select "Grant overlay permission" -> scroll buttons are now displayed on the right edge of the screen.

In Settings -> Apps -> Select and activate Easy Scroll.

Easy Scroll works wonderfully with plenty of practical additional functions (e.g. volume control) and setting options.