FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

Following you will find frequently asked questions and appropriate answers concerning IntegraMouse Plus.
If you have questions in detail or other questions please do not hesitate to contact us or contact your retailer.

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Left click does not work? This is what I can do!
Manual calibration

During long periods of work, it can be necessary to begin a manual calibration, e.g. because

  • the mouthpiece has moved a bit out of the mouse
  • after readjusting the device or
  • weight changes in the mouthpiece due to the collection of moisture
  • in strong changes in the light conditions (sunlight).

To begin manual calibration, you have the following options:

  • By quickly pressing the ON/OFF button
  • By the following sucking/blowing combination: Blow for 3 seconds, suck for 3 seconds with max. 1 second pause in between.

Do not move the IntegraMouse Plus during the calibration process and do not change its position or situation. This could lead to incorrect calibration and therefore to malfunctioning of the IntegraMouse Plus and make recalibration necessary.
The calibration occurs automatically for the selected mode and is displayed by running LEDs on the IntegraMouse Plus.

Do I need specific drivers or software for installation?
No. The IntegraMouse Plus is automatically recognised as a standard mouse (or standard joystick and standard keyboard) and installed on your operating system (plug & play for the operating systems Windows 10. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X).

Can I also use the IntegraMouse Plus with Apple® or Linux?
Yes. The IntegraMouse Plus can be used with Mac OS X or higher versions. The IntegraMouse Plus should work with all Linux operating systems that support USBs.

Can I operate an iPad Pro with the IntegraMouse Plus?
Yes. Please note the requirements.

I do not have the strength required to operate the mouse buttons by sipping or puffing. Can I change the sensitivity of the sipping/puffing stimuli?
The necessary sipping/puffing stimuli of the IntegraMouse Plus were set by the factory at a particular range and cannot be altered. Exertion can be reduced by carefully stretching the membrane with a suitable object (e.g. the top, round end of a ballpoint pen). However, you have the option to connect auto-click software or external sensors via suitable switch interfaces, in order to activate the left and/or right mouse button in an alternative way. Your dealer will be happy to advise you about this.

Can I change the speed of the mouse pointer?
Yes. In the mouse settings options of your operating system.

Can I change or swap the assignment of the mouse buttons?
Yes. In the mouse settings options of your operating system.

Can I set the double-click speed?
Yes. In the mouse settings options of your operating system.

Can I write texts with the IntegraMouse Plus?
Yes. Windows 7, for example, offers a free on-screen keyboard under Start/All Programs/Accessories/Windows Mobility Center. Recommendations for more convenient on-screen keyboards that are available to buy (e.g. with word prediction) can be obtained from your dealer.

After changing the mouthpiece, the mouse pointer can no longer be moved! What can I do?Make sure that the mouse is correctly connected and ready for operation (check the LEDs). Check the mouthpiece for correct fit and perform a calibration.  After changing the membrane, the mouse buttons can no longer be triggered! What can I do?Perform a calibration. If necessary, check the membrane for proper fit and damage.  After cleaning, the mouthpiece cannot be placed on the control unit or can only be placed with difficulty. What can I do? The mouthpiece stretches due to heating (thermal disinfection) and therefore no longer fits optimally on the control unit. Before you continue to use the cleaned mouthpiece, please make sure that the mouthpiece is completely dry and has cooled down to room temperature. The mouse pointer moves independently across the screen? Perform a calibration.

The mouse pointer moves independently on the screen.

Can I set the IntegraMouse Plus to environmental control?
The IntegraMouse Plus is a computer mouse and may only be connected with those environmental control systems that are designed for use with a computer mouse.

Unable to connect IM+Connect and IntegraMouse Plus.
Check that the IntegraMouse Plus battery is charged sufficiently. If necessary, connect it to the power pack included. Follow the instructions as described in Chapter 7.3

"Wake on USB" is not working, although everything on the computer is set correctly!
"Wake on USB" only works in cable-connected mode and only with USB ports that are located directly on the mainboard. Connect the IntegraMouse Plus to a suitable USB port with the help of a USB cable and change the USB connection if necessary.

For IntegraMouse USB under Windows 8.1 please use this driver file and follow the steps:

  1. Unplug your IntegraMouse USB
  2. Unzip folder
  3. Double-click the file “IntegraMouse Win8.1 Driver.reg” and accept requested changes. 
  4. Plug in your IntegraMouse USB
  5. Your IntegraMouse should work fine now.