Using IntegraMouse Plus on iPad Pro


Picture: Requirements how to operate iPad Pro with IntegraMouse Plus

1. IntegraMouse Plus

2. Original IntegraMouse USB charging cable

3. iPad Pro (3rd generation and higher)

4. iPadOS 13.4.1 (or higher)

5. Apple USB-A to USB-C Adapter supporting external power supply

Connection / Installation

Photo: A man using IntegraMouse Plus on iPad Pro
  • connect the iPad Pro to the Apple adapter
  • connect the Apple power supply with the Apple USB Adapter and turn on the iPad Pro
  • connect the IntegraMouse charging cable with the Apple adapter and the IntegraMouse Plus
  • turn on the IntegraMouse Plus


  • quick installation
  • permanent charging of the iPad Pro and IntegraMouse Plus
  • all functions of "Assistive Touch" are available

on-screen keyboard
Settings -> accessability -> Touch -> Assistive Touch ON -> on-screen keyboard ON

Please use the IntegraMouse Plus with the iPad Pro in mouse mode ONLY!