IntegraMouse Plus Video: Calibration

Before use, the IntegraMouse Plus must be calibrated in its relevant location. As a rule, this happens automatically directly after switching on and plugging in the IntegraMouse Plus.

Automatic calibration

Automatic calibration always occurs after plugging in and switching on the IntegraMouse Plus.

Do not move the IntegraMouse Plus during the calibration process and do not change its position or situation. This could lead to incorrect calibration and therefore to malfunctioning of the IntegraMouse Plus and make recalibration necessary.

Manual calibration

During long periods of work it can be necessary to begin a manual calibration, e.g. after readjusting the device or weight changes in the mouthpiece due to the collection of moisture or in strong changes in the light conditions (sunlight).

To begin manual calibration you have the following options:

  • By quickly pressing the ON/OFF button
  • By the following sipping/puffing combination: Puff for 3 seconds, sipp for 3 seconds with max. 1 second pause in between.
  • The calibration occurs automatically for the selected mode and is displayed by running LEDs on the IntegraMouse Plus.

Sipping/puffing combination for calibration by the user:
Puff for 3 seconds - sipp for 3 seconds
Maximum pause between both actions: 1 second