IntegraMouse Plus Video: Installation

Installation of the IntegraMouse Plus

Introduction to initial operation

  • Install the mounting system recommended by LIFEtool or by your LIFEtool dealer on your desired workstation.
  • Carefully place the mouthpiece and membrane on the IntegraMouse Plus.
  • Position the IntegraMouse Plus on the stand. The bracket of the IntegraMouse Plus has three openings for left, right and bottom mounting.
  • Move the device into a working position which is balanced and comfortable for the user.
  • For initial use we recommend operation with the cable connected, in order to guarantee the charging of the internal battery. For this, connect the IntegraMouse Plus to your computer via the USB cable supplied.
  • The IntegraMouse Plus switches on automatically and the calibration process is shown through the running LEDs.
  • The operating system of your computer automatically recognises and installs the IntegraMouse Plus as a standard mouse.
  • After the installation has been completed, the IntegraMouse Plus is ready for use.

Allgemeine Installationshinweise

General Installation notes

The IntegraMouse Plus and also the IM+Connect are "Plug and Play" capable and function with standard USB drives. This means that they are automatically recognised and installed by common operating systems after being plugged in. The IntegraMouse Plus is thereby automatically recognised as a standard mouse, standard joystick and keyboard.

The installation process usually runs in the background (depending on the operating system). Therefore the IntegraMouse Plus is ready to be used after only a short time.