Hygiene, Maintenance and Testing

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Hygiene and Maintenance

In order to guarantee the long and safe operation of the IntegraMouse Plus, the following activities are necessary:

  • Regular cleaning and regular changing of the mouthpiece.
  • Regular changing of the membrane
  • Regular cleaning of the device
  • Regular, proper charging of the battery in wireless mode
  • Regular metrological testing and maintenance
  • General care when dealing with the individual components
  • The individual points are described below in more detail.

In the case of errors or problems with the IntegraMouse Plus, do not try to repair the product or its accessories. This can invalidate the guarantee and severely damage the device. Always contact the manufacturer or your dealer.

The life expectancy of the IntegraMouse Plus has been set by the manufacturer to 5 years (from the date of manufacture - see the serial number of the device). After this date, no service can be guaranteed.

Cleaning the mouthpiece and changing the membrane

Two mouthpieces are included with the IntegraMouse Plus in order to ensure regular cleaning without interrupting use.

The replacement and subsequent cleaning of the mouthpiece should be carried out at home about once a week. In the case of higher levels of contamination or in the case of illness, more frequent cleaning is recommended. 

If there is visible damage or there are signs of wear and tear on the mouthpiece, use a new mouthpiece and dispose of the old mouthpiece.

For thorough cleaning, disinfection with boiling water (thermo disinfection) is recommended. Then proceed as follows:

Pull the mouthpiece off forwards in a straight movement. Removal is very simple and possible without using larger amounts of force.

  1. Remove the membrane by pushing and dispose of it.
  2. Heat pure, clear water and bring it to the boil
  3. Place the mouthpiece carefully into the boiling water. In order to do this, use an aid, e.g. a spoon.
  4. When doing this, ensure that the mouthpiece is completely covered with water. Possible air bubbles on the surface of the mouthpiece, also on the inner side, must be removed (e.g. by stirring), so that the surface is completely covered with boiling water.
  5. Leave the mouthpiece for at least 3 minutes (5 minutes recommended) in boiling water. Ensure that the water temperature does not fall below 93°C.
  6. Remove the mouthpiece with a tool (e.g. spoon) and leave the mouthpiece to drip and dry on a clean surface.
  7. Before you use the cleaned mouthpiece again, ensure that it is completely dry and has cooled to room temperature.
  8. Any limescale can be removed using a soft cloth.
  9. After drying and cooling, place a new membrane on the mouthpiece. Ensure that the membrane is properly placed on the mouthpiece.
  10. Carefully place the mouthpiece on the IntegraMouse Plus again. Pay attention to the direction in which you placed it on and move the mouthpiece in a straight movement without using force.

Warning! Danger of scalding!

Disposal of the mouthpiece is recommended after no more than 6 months.

In the clinical sector the mouthpiece should be treated as a disposable product. The interval between changes of the mouthpiece must be determined by a doctor or by specialist staff (advisor, hygiene representative...). Special safety precautions must especially be obeyed when there is suspicion of infectious diseases.

Cleaning the device

Clean the device regularly, about once a week. The parts of the IntegraMouse Plus, mouthpiece, IM+ connect, power pack including cable and stand can be cleaned at any time by wiping with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Never use sharp cleaning objects to clean the components as this could destroy the surface. The IntegraMouse Plus and IM+Connect contain sensitive electronics. Never immerse these components in water and also never use running water to clean them, otherwise you could destroy the device.

In the clinical sector multiple use of the device by several users is forbidden. The re-use of the mouthpiece, the membrane or the silicon tube is also forbidden. Use these three components as disposable products and change them regularly after use, e.g. once a day. The other components should be used in accordance with the cleaning and disinfection plan.

Disinfection by wiping

In special environments, e.g. hospitals, it is necessary to carry out regular disinfection by wiping the device. The IntegraMouse Plus can be disinfected with any surface disinfectant product that is intended for the disinfection of LEXAN polycarbonate and aluminium. Under no circumstances may any components of the IntegraMouse Plus be subjected to steam or water sterilisation.

The following cleaning products can be used:

Mikrozid Sensitive liquid or Mikrozid Sensitive wipes from the company Schülke & Mayr GmbH (

Carry out the disinfection by wiping according to the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that no moisture seeps into the IntegraMouse Plus.