Three operating modes: Mouse – Joystick – Cursor

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Operating Modes

The IntegraMouse Plus is an input device for your computer. The input device works as a standard computer mouse (mouse mode) or optionally as a joystick (joystick mode) or as a keyboard (cursor mode). Movements of the mouthpiece by the mouth are captured by a sensor. A small deflection of the mouthpiece is enough to cause the controller to respond. As well as movement, sipping and puffing on the mouthpiece are also used for input (e.g. left and right mouse click).

Mouse mode (mouse function)

Small movements of the mouthpiece cause the mouse pointer on the screen to move correspondingly. In the same way as a normal computer mouse it can be moved across the screen in a continuous and dynamic way, from very slowly to very quickly and placed accurately to the pixel. To steer the mouse pointer, place the mouthpiece between your lips and press it with lip movements in the desired direction in which the mouse pointer should move across the screen.

The mouse buttons are activated by sipping and puffing. In the standard configuration the left mouse button is activated by short sipping on the mouthpiece opening and the right button is activated by short puffing on the mouthpiece opening.

Two short sipps equate to a double click of the left mouse button. A short sipp and holding the air in the mouthpiece enables objects to be moved across the screen ("drag & drop").

The characteristics of the mouse pointer, e.g. the speed, can be set individually in the respective operating system. The assignments of left and right clicks can also be changed there. For more information: see the help function of your operating system.

If it is not possible for the user to activate the mouse clicks by sipping and puffing, the clicks can be actioned through additional auto-click software. Your LIFEtool dealer would be glad to advise you about this.
In some cases, other, external sensors can also be used. Your LIFEtool dealer would be happy to advise you about the choice of suitable sensors and switch interfaces.

Joystick mode (joystick configuration)

The joystick mode enables the operation of computer games, which can be played using a Windows standard joystick with two buttons. The movement of the mouthpiece effects the analogue deflection of the joystick. Movements can be carried out dynamically from slowly (small displacement) to quickly (larger displacement). Sipping and puffing correspond to the joystick keys 1 and 2. Activated joystick mode is indicated by the lighting-up of the corresponding blue LED.

The basic calibration and further settings of the joystick can be carried out individually in the settings menu of the respective operating system. For more information see the help function of your operating system.

Cursor mode (keyboard function)

Cursor mode enables the operation of computer games and programs that can be controlled with the cursor keys (arrow keys), the space key and the enter key. The four/eight directions are actuated by the movement of the mouthpiece. The space key and the enter key are available through sipping and puffing. Activated cursor mode is indicated by the lighting-up of the associated blue LED.

Many applications, especially games, can be terminated using the ESC key. This function is also available to users of the IntegraMouse Plus by means of the following sipp'n puff combination combination:

In quick session:
Puff for 3 seconds – sipp 2 x – briefly puff 1 x.