Self-determination on a mouse click

Picture: Mario alias Deejay Ridinaro operates his computer with a mouth controlled computermouse - IntegraMouse Plus from LIFEtool

IntegraMouse Plus is a fully adequate computer mouse that is operated with the mouth. The mouse cursor is moved with the lips through minimal movements of the mouth piece. Possible users are persons with high-level paraplegia, with arm amputations or progressive diseases such as muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or multiple sclerosis.

IntegraMouse Plus is a fully adequate computer mouse that is operated with the mouth. Small movements of the mouthpiece cause the mouse pointer on the screen to move correspondingly. The mouse buttons are activated by sipping and puffing. In the standard configuration the left mouse button is activated by short sipping on the mouthpiece opening and the right button is activated by short puffing on the mouthpiece opening. The joystick mode enables the operation of computer games, which can be played using a Windows standard joystick with two buttons.


  • Wireless
    IntegraMouse Plus is a fully adequate computer mouse which can be operated with the mouth. New feature: it is wireless! Of course it still operates with USB connection. 
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  • More than a mouse device:
    Two additional operating modes: IntegraMouse Plus can also be used as a joystick and set to keyboard mode (arrow keys, space, enter) – ideal for gaming. 
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  • All-in-one: IntegraMouse Plus offers all the functions of a classical mouse device such as left and right click, double click and drag & drop. 
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  • Hygenic: Highest hygienic standard offered by the mouthpiece for office and home use as well as in rehabs and clinics. The mouthpiece can be replaced easily and economically.
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  • Independent: IntegraMouse Plus can be used with all standard operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, which support USB.

  • Longlife: Long battery life due to an intelligent and efficient energy management (built-in rechargeable batteries). For information about recharching the battery please see chapter 9.3 in the manual.

The IntegraMouse Plus has been developed by LifeACE consortium.

The prizewinning IntegraMouse Plus

Logo: reddot design award Winner 2012Product photo: IntegraMouse Plus with mounting system
Product photo: IntegraMouse Plus ConnectProduct photo: IntegraMouse Plus and IntegraConnect
Product photo: IntegraMouse Plus mouthpiece and membrane