Playing Computer Games with IntegraMouse Plus

Prior to the development of IntegraMouse Plus LIFEtool gained feedback from many users - we obtained the wish to operate computer games with the mouse.

Now the IntegraMouse Plus has two modes which are useable for playing computer games: joystick mode and cursor mode.

IntegraMouse Plus user Robert Croissant explains how he can play the computer game GTA with IntegraMouse Plus

Android Games

Photo: USB-OTG Adapter for playing games on Android devices with IntegraMouse Plus.

Playing games on Android devices like tablets, tv boxes and smartphones is much easier with the mouse mode: Just buy an USB-OTG adapter (price 3 €) and plug the IntegraMouse Plus in. In settings you can regulate the speed of the mouse cursor.

The following games have already been played by users:

Angry BirdsBridge ConstructorBroken Sword Directors CutBubble x SliceCut the RopeDevil's AttorneyDummy DefenseFruit NinjaGreat Big War GameGreedy SpidersJetpack JoyrideMovie CatPlants vs ZombiesPudding MonsterScramble with FriendsSlice IceSong PopTurbo KidsVoodoo WhispererWaking MarsWeird Park: Broken TuneWho Becomes RichWord RiderYesterdayZombie Dash 

If you know other games which can be played, please contact us to complete our list.


Joystick Mode

The joystick mode enables the operation of computer games, which can be played using a Windows standard joystick with two buttons. The movement of the mouthpiece effects the analogue deflection of the joystick. Movements can be carried out dynamically from slowly (small displacement) to quickly (larger displacement). Sipping and puffing correspond to the joystick keys 1 and 2. Activated joystick mode is indicated by the corresponding blue LED.

The basic calibration and further settings of the joystick can be carried out individually in the settings menu of the respective operating system. For more information please look for the help function of your operating system.

In many games it is possible to configure buttons for control and to adapt control possibilities. Please read the manual of the respective game.

Cursor Mode

Cursor mode enables the operation of computer games and programmes that can be controlled with the cursor keys (arrow keys), the space key and the enter key. The four/eight directions are actuated by the movement of the mouthpiece. The space key and the enter key are available through sucking and blowing. Activated cursor mode is indicated by the lighting-up of the associated blue LED.

In order to operate a complete keyboard, e.g. in order to enter letters or whole texts, to compose e-mails, and so on, the operating system of your computer usually makes an on-screen keyboard available. Your LIFEtool dealer will be glad to advise you on more powerful on-screen keyboards that are available at cost (with additional setting options).

Fun with Game Consoles and the IntegraMouse Plus

Diagram: Setup for using IntegraMouse Plus with a gaming console e.g. XBox or PS3

With the Cronus cross over device you can enjoy playing with your Xbox360 or PS. The picture above shows what you need for it.

Unfortunately there is no cure-all for the settings of control possibilities or assignment of keys - you have to read the manual of the repective game and of the Cronus cross over device.

There are many brilliant nonprofit organisations, which are specialized in the accessibility of computer games for people with disability: