On YouTube LIFEtool has its own channel, where you can find videos about counceling, LIFEtool software programs and about IntegraMouse Plus.

With this short video, we would like to present IntegraMouse Plus and all its benefits.

IntegraMouse Plus: A computer mouse for (nearly) all eventualities

A special "thanks" to the students of Communication and Media Knowledge at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria!



Demonstration Videos

Please watch the demonstration videos if you want to catch up on the following:

  • Installation
  • Switching on and Activation
  • Calibration
  • Operating modes
  • Hygiene and Maintenance

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Installation

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Switching on and activation

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Operating Mode

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Calibration

IntegraMouse Plus Video: Hygiene and Maintenance