Source of Supply: Where can I order IntegraMouse Plus?

IntegraMouse Plus is a real "lifetool" and helps people e.g. suffering from paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia) to operate the computer solely by mouth. In Austria you can purchase IntegraMouse Plus at LIFEtool Solutions.

Please contact:

LIFEtool Solutions GmbH

Hafenstr. 47-51 (TECHCENTER)
Bauteil B, Stiege 3, 6. Stock 
4020 Linz, Austria

Phone +43 (0) 732 99 70 56-5270
Fax      +43 (0) 732 99 70 56-5201

LIFEtool Solutions has a big network of resellers all over the world. Thus our "LIFEtools" are positioned where they are necessary and needed.

Please contact the reseller in your country: International distribution partners