Martin Hofstädter: IntegraMouse is my gateway to the world!

Picture: Portrait of y young man with IntegraMouse Plus

You need a special gift for a friend and you don't have a clue how you could get it? You are looking for a care-giver and you don't know which expert would be the right person for your concern? Or you are searching for a person who really knows about voice control or control systems for your living environment?

For all this purposes Martin Hofstädter is your man!

From victim to expert

Picture: a young man in a wheel chair with his dog and cat. Picture credit/copyright: Markus Zahradnik

Establishing such a hightech house has made Martin an expert. He shares his knowledge with other people who are in a similar situation and helps wherever he can. "IntegraMouse Plus is assisting me enourmously, because I don't need a care-giver all the time who would flip pages for me. I am enjoying anonymous communication like chats or gaming, reading, listening to music - whenever I feel the desire for it."

He does a lot of computer work, research and ongoing correspondence just by using his IntegraMouse Plus which allows him a comfortable way of his desk work.

"Living like a puppy!"

Picture: a young man in a wheel chair with his dog.Foto credit / Copyright Markus Zahradnik

Best technical devices can't give Martin that sort of devotion he feels when he is with his partner dog Benni. To compensate computer work Martin loves to take Benni on a long and relaxing getaway in the nature. Martin has learned to enjoy life - though and hence to the point that his life has developed just as he didn't expect it.

When Martin is outdoors there are a lot of things running across his mind: "Some people think they are living a poor dog's life. I know for sure that one can live a life like a puppy when you have the right dog at your side."

Martin is an optimistic and helpful person though his own situation is not pleasant at all. The person, who caused the accident in 2003, only had an insurance with a minimum coverage. It did not in the slightest cover Martin's total expenses after the accident. As a result he still is dependent on public money and charity.

Thanks to Markus Zahradnik for the great pictures of Martin and Benni!

In April 2017 Martin's way in this life came to an end and we had to let our good friend go. Rest in peace, dear Martin! (1977-2017)