Robert Croissant: „Don’t be a bat, because only bats hang themselves out to dry!“

Photo: Robert Croissant with his IntegraMouse Plus

Robert Croissant is 27 years old and paralyzed from the shoulders down since a swimming accident in July, 2006. About the day that completely changed his life he writes: „On the 16th of July, 2006 I begun a new life. I would not call it a bad life, but however, a different life. On this day a door has been closed and at the same time also a new one opened. But whether wheel chair or not, important is to recognise the positive things in life and to enjoy to the fullest.“

And you can see on his website, that Robert really enjoys his life. He has set up the website, „in order to show other people – whether ‚Normalos' or other wheel chair drivers - that a life in a wheel chair is also worth living.“

Robert uses the IntegraMouse plus broadly: He uses Windows and the current MS office applications, does photoshopping (Gimp), uses music software (studio FL 11) and cuts videos (Magix video Deluxe in 2014).

Of course he also plays computer games with pleasure and he operates them with the IntegraMouse Plus – among his favorites games are: WRC 4, GTA 4, GTA 5, Grid 2, Myst 1-5, The Colonists – rise of a kingdom in 1404, simulator MS Flight X and Railway EXE 6.0.


Here you get further information about Robert:

Watch the video with English subtitles where Robert shows how he himself plays extensive and complicated computer games with the help of the IntegraMouse to plus and a minikeyboard.