Sven Schiller aka Ch1llsOr: Gamer with passion

Photo: Sven, a young man in a wheelchair playing a video game on the computer with the IntegraMoues Plus

"Moin, moin", that's the friendly greeting from the north and everyone at LIFEtool knows who it comes from: our IntegraMouse user Sven from Lübeck.
Sven was just 23 years old when his life changed very suddenly and unexpectedly. He remembers a day at the beach with his friends. "Unfortunately, we were young and stupid - we wanted to avoid the tourist tax and just laid on the beach withoutpaying the small fee. When I saw the inspector coming down the beach, I ran to the nearby jetty and headed into the water - unfortunately, it wasn't deep enough there for the header ..."
Sven injured himself so badly that since then he has been dependent on a wheelchair and also on support for all other daily grips and that 24 / 7 / 365 - he lives with his parents, who support him wherever they can. During the one-year rehab that Sven spent in a facility in Hamburg after the accident, he was able to try out many aids in therapy so that he could work on the computer again. At that time, it was a very simple chin joystick that enabled him to take his first step towards computer operation.

IntegraMouse? I'll take it!

He doesn't remember exactly when he came across the IntegraMouse - but he does remember that an assistive technology provider brought it over to him. "I tested it for two minutes and then it was clear to me: I'm taking it!"

I am a gamer almost all my life

Photo: Gaming set up with IntegraMouse Plus

Since that time, we at LIFEtool have been in contact with Sven, who now already owns two IntegraMice. Sven likes to play a lot on the computer - a real power gamer.

Photo: Xbox adaptive controller and various joysticks for gaming

Of course, he also plays on the console and enthusiastically uses the Xbox Adaptive Controller from Microsoft. For the PC, he has a hybrid joystick, the Movemaster, in addition to the IntegraMouse Plus.

"I've been passionate about gaming for most of my life. I game because it allows me to participate in social life. I can gamble with my friends and make new friends at the same time."

Figure: text and screenshot Call of Duty, link to video

Friends for life

When Sven isn't gaming, he enjoys spending time with his friends from the village. "My friends mean a lot to me, they are always there for me!" A popular meeting place is Sven's terrace and garden, because Sven loves grilling! "There is already more money in my grill than in my computer by now ;-) ! We grill all year round and the highlight is our summer party. I really hope that it can take place again this year!"

Recipe for Sven's best burger sauce

Foto: Yummy Burger at Sven's grill party

3 parts mayo, 2 parts ketchup, 1 part mustard, hot sauce, peppers chopped small, pickled cucumbers chopped small, some of the cucumber water, salt and pepper. Let it sit overnight.

It tastes best together with friends!